Client: Confidential

Services: Renovations, Interiors

Location: Beijing, China

Status: Completed



Team 7 International took an initiative design direction of creating a space of high up destination atmosphere; heaven. As the heaven –on –earth motif slowly solidified, and the image identity becomes apparent.  A dramatic earthy themed passageway serves as a portal that transports customers from the ground floor through hazy ‘clouds’ design elements that reaches the heaven, the lobby of the restaurant. Our interpretation of Heaven must be bright, cheerful, and full of fantasies. Reflective stainless-steel panels with countless crystal pieces were used to represent the bright and cheerful and a glass walkway filled with water and gold fishes completes the fantasy.  The entire restaurant is covered with largely contrasting materials that created a surreal and heavenly feeling which reinforces this concept. 

Photography by: Kerun Ip

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