South Beauty GCP


Client: Confidential

Services: Renovations, Interiors

Location: Beijing, China

Status: Completed



When designing restaurants for South Beauty Group. Team 7 conducts reconnaissance to the site surrounding the project. Located in the Beijing Financial Street, this gave us the loud and direct connotations to the theme, “money”. In solidifying the theme of “Wealth and Money” we try to celebrate the notion of “work hard and earn more” by interpreting and emphasizing on material usage in the interior design. Black and Red represent the volatility of the money market: the ups and downs in profit making. The accented Gold symbolized the lure and the materialist in all of us.  Design elements such as the Gold coins and the ancient Chinese coin shapes are implemented throughout the project.  Different forms and representations of wealth and money are inter played within the restaurant. The coin wall is one the major feature walls on both the ground floor and second floor. Inside the VIP rooms, coin screens are erected within to ensure patrons privacy and to unify the coherent idea. Walls with over-sized round opening and turnstile with “flip the coin” artworks are again iconic of money.

Photography by: Kerun Ip

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