Asean Art Center


Client: University of Chengdu

Design Consultant to: Shenzhen Z&F Culture Construction Co., Ltd.

Services: Interiors Design Consultation

Location: Chengdu, China

Status: Design Competition



A joint venture competition with Z&F Culture Construction, as the new campus for the University of Chengdu in collaboration with ASEAN concept in mind. Connecting the ASEAN in a body of water, as the earth is all connected by ocean.  The Lobby is the symbol of the ASEAN idea, the centroid where everything is generated from. Everything is floating within the space, floor finishes are in ripple pattern (same stone but with polish and hone finishes interplay with subtle ring pattern), and ceiling echoes the floor’s ripple effect  with the use of LED strip to create a continuous and never ending radial feeling. The feature wall at the auditorium lobby wall is the focal point of the entire structure.  The floating ribbon pass through ocean and travel through the sky to connects one end of the lobby to another, symbolizing the connectivity between all the ASEAN countries.  The ribbons materials are wooden/ bamboo strips creating ridges and valley mimicking the terrain among all the countries, the materials used are the common building materials among all the countries and are the linkage of them all.  Hint of Chinese traditional design motif are employed on the wall, traditional relief wave pattern.

Renderings Provided by: Z&F Culture Construction Co., Ltd.

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