Muping Cultural Center


Client: Muping District Bureau of Culture of Yantai City

Architecture: Architectural Design Research Institute of South China University of Technology

In Collaboration with Local Firm: Yantai Design Research Institute 

Services:  Interiors

 Location: Yantai, China

Status: Completed



Commissioned by the local government of Muping to furnish the interior design proposal for this Muping Cultural Center Project. (Total of 23,200 sq.m.) As the coastal city that is well-known for its marine history and culture, the design intent initiates from the uniqueness of the building’s architecture and the special geography setting of the city. Metaphorical nature landscapes, aquatic, coastal and fluid elements are features that interacted with the characteristic of the building’s architecture. All the aquatic elements were infused into the design of all the component of the center.The 1100 seats Auditorium and Lobby within the center all emphasizes natural landscape and coastal features and interpreted in the overall design to create a rich and grandeur interior space that welcome both the public and authorities.

Photography by: Kerun Ip

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